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STRUMENTO MARINO is an high tech diver watch brand born in 2013.

The first STRUMENTO MARINO collection was produced in "limited edition" for the North American.

Thanks to the un-expected success received in USA, Paolo Alfredo Giovine, the creator of the brand, decided to develop an international distribution strategy creating a worldwide concept.

Today STRUMENTO MARINO offer a perfect instrument for sea lovers to use during extreme Watersport like regatta, diving, swimming, surfing, etc.

An extraordinary timepiece range with the below key factors:

  • Italian concept

  • Fantastic design

  • Brillants colors

  • High-end technology

  • Diving performance

Today STRUMENTO MARINO boasts an extensive catalogue of sports and divers watches, capable of reaching depths from 100 up to 1000 meters.

Uniqueness and mixing colors make STRUMENTO MARINO the perfect timepiece to be protagonist everywhere.

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